Flight Crew Technical Library

In the Flight Crew Technical Library menu in the sidebar at right, several collections of information are linked. These include Advisory Circulars, external technical reports, and the FAA’s website known as FSIMS. These are all sources of information that I have found particularly useful over the years. All are publicly available; I am simply collecting the links into one place to provide some organization...actually the organization that exists in my mind, which may not be the one you prefer. The document links will take you to a downloadable PDF.

There are also links to Boeing's Aero magazine, Airbus's Safety First magazine, and the invaluable website created by the FAA on Lessons Learned from Transport Airplane Accidents. Finally, a link is provided to Skybrary, the Wikipedia of aviation safety.

A word of caution: your company manuals, approved and/or accepted, are the absolute final authority regarding how you operate. In the event that you find a conflict between your manuals and something you find in an Advisory Circular, or even within the FSIMS documentation, the company manual always take precedence. This doesn’t preclude you from investigating a conflict with your front office. However, I suspect you will find that almost everything in your company manuals can be linked to material found within the AC’s or FSIMS, as well as your OPSPECs or MSPECs. This may be slightly filtered through your POI’s interpretation. You can argue with your POI about that all day in his office; but while you are in the cockpit, compliance with company procedures is paramount.