This is probably one of the most important pages to read before flying. The link above will open an identical map, and you can then click on a particular region of interest to access that area's forecast office page. Once there, under the menu header "Forecasts", click on the Forecaster's Discussion. You will be taken to an extensive textual discussion of the short and long term area forecast for that region. The content tends to vary depending on the forecast office and, I'm sure, the individual forecaster. However, you will almost always find a detailed discussion of both the short and long range forecasts, along with some justifications for those forecasts. You will also find an aviation forecast, often containing the forecaster's concerns for the next TAF, and even what they have withheld from the current TAF because they cannot yet substantiate their local gut feel on the trends.. It is usually written informally and somewhat personally, and is as good if not better than the old phone calls to the FSS briefer.but also considerably more discussion of the relevant weather systems and features that are driving the forecast.