The five papers below present some of the best contemporary information about several critical aspects of airframe icing, including some of its more violent effects, extreme conditions, and regulatory history and terminology.

Pilots Can Minimize the Likelihood of Roll Upset in Severe Icing
John P. Dow, Sr., FAA
Flight Safety Digest
Volume 15, No. 1
January, 1996

Freezing Rain as an In-Flight Icing Hazard
Ben Bernstein
National Center for Atmospheric Research
June, 2000

The Adverse Aerodynamic Effects of Inflight Icing on Airplane Operation
J.C.T. Martin
Transport Canada
Excerpted from Transport Canada’s Aviation Safety Letter TP185E
January, 2007

Shedding the Hoary Myth of Ice Bridging
Todd Gunther, NTSB
Professional Pilot
Volume 42, No. 12
December, 2008