While the accidents involving the Challenger at Birmingham, the SAS MD-80 at Stockholm and Arrow Air’s DC-8 at Gander represent some very serious cases, there are a handful of interesting if less lethal cases that the Canadian and European authorities have published recently. These provide some perspective on common problems such as de-ice fluid residue and the inability to properly inspect the upper surface of a T-tail.
It is unfortunate that reports on such accidents as those which occurred at Dryden, Ontario, Skopje, Macedonia, Kimpo, Korea and Pau, France are unavailable. The latter three have not been translated; the former became a judicial inquiry, the report of which is only available for sale.


Douglas DC-9-51
Helsinki, Finland
February 5, 1985

Arrow 1285

Douglas DC-8-63
Gander, NF, Canada
December 12, 1985


McDonnell Douglas MD-81
Stockholm, Sweden
December 27, 1991


Bombardier CL-600
Birmingham, UK
January 4, 2002

Air Canada 8946

DeHavilland DHC-8
Ottawa, ON, Canada
November 4, 2003


DeHavilland DHC-8
Edinburgh, Scotland
December 21, 2004


 BAe Jetstream 41
Aberdeen, Scotland
February 23, 2005



Dornier 328
Isle of Man, UK
November 28, 2005