Ice contaminated tailplane stall is a relatively rare phenomonon. Many of the classic reports are not available in English, such as the Viscount accident at Stockholm in 1977, not available in a digital form, such as the Union Oil Convair 580 at Midland, Texas in 1963, or were simply not published in a formal covered report. The YS-11 accident at Lafayette, Indiana, and the Jetstream 3100 at Beckley, West Virginia fall into the latter category.

The four reports presented here, however, cover the topic in detail. It has since been thoroughly investigated by NASA, and new certification requirements promulgated to design the problem out of contemporary designs. But a good many vulnerable airplanes are still operating, including the DC-9/MD-80 series, and the manufacturer’s recommendations with respect to this topic are extremely important to be familiar with.

Capital 67

Vickers Viscount
Freeland, Michigan
April 6, 1958

Continental 290

Vickers Viscount
Kansas City, Missouri
January 29, 1963

Slick 12

Douglas C-54
Boston, Massachusetss
March 10, 1964


NPA 2415

 BAe Jetstream 3100
Pasco, Washington
December 26, 1989