Flight Operations Research is a single-pilot consultancy primarily focused on aircraft icing, both inflight and on the ground. I have been engaged in this work since the night of October 31, 1994, when I was called out to the site of the Roselawn ATR crash as a member of ALPA’s Accident Investigation Board. Shortly after that, I assumed the leadership of ALPA’s Inflight Icing Certification Project, and represented the association at various meeting, hearings and as a member of the Ice Protection Harmonization Working Group, an ARAC rule making committee. Following that work, I was contracted first by NASA and subsequently by the FAA to continue research in aircraft icing accidents and incidents. In that capacity, I have slowly built the Icemaster database, a large and comprehensive database of all U.S. and Canadian icing accident and incidents. I continue maintaining that database, as well as supporting the FAA’s Aviation Research Division at the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City. This website is a compilation of resources and materials outlining the history and technical aspects of the airframe icing problem.