Inflight Icing Reports - Historical

A set of reports, beginning with TWA 1 in 1936 and extending through the Maersk Air F-27 in 1969, including the two classic, extensive reports on United 21 at Chicago in 1940 and Northwest 5 at Moorhead, Minnesota in 1941.

Inflight Icing Reports - Contemporary

These are more contemporary reports, beginning with Rocky Mountain 217, a Twin Otter at Steamboat Springs in 1978, and continuing through N511AT, a Cessna Citation at beverly, Massachusetts in 2007. The set includes Simmons 4184 at Roselyn, Indiana and Comer 3272 at Monroe, Michigan. Ice contaminated tailplane stall (ICTS) events are found with the second button.

Inflight Icing Reports - Foreign

This is a set of English-language reports covering selected accidents in Canada, Europe and Australia.

Ground Icing Reports               - Historical

This set of reports begins with Delta 705, a DC-4 at Chicago in 1948, and continues to Commutair 502, a Beech 18 at Binghamton, NY in 1970.

Ground Icing Reports               - Contemporary

This collection of reports begins with Allegheny 561, a Mohawk-Frakes (Nord 262) at Clarksburg, West Virginia in 1979, continuing through N207TA, a Cessna 208 at Lewiston, Maine in 2001.

Ground Icing Reports                  - Foreign

This set of reports begins with a DC-9 at Helsinki in 1985 and continues to a Dornier 328 at the Isle of Man, UK, in 2005.